• The Sepulveda Home – an Ode to the Extravagant Roaring 20s Era.

    Located in San Pedro, California, overlooking the Port of Los Angeles, dwells the historic Sepulveda Home. Built in 1929, this Louisiana French Colonial was designed to honor the majestic estates of the South “Spanish moss drapes in the sweet magnolia tree while the aroma of the succulent grape vines fill the air. The gallery ceiling fans and rocking chairs whisk you away to another land, in another era. Close your eyes and listen closely. You may hear the sounds of a southern swamp luring you closer as you sip on a mint julep or two…

    When we think about the wedding of Tiffany and Dennis, which took place at the historic Sepulveda Home on April “fools” day one word comes to mind – magical. The ceremony was held in the home’s lush garden, adorned with lots of greenery and vintage candle holders. The groom, dressed in a classic tuxedo, waited nervously by the outdoor fireplace as the bride made her way down the aisle.

    The home was elegantly decorated in a Roaring 20s theme, with rich jewel-toned colors, art deco patterns, and luxurious fabrics, which made for perfect “first look” and “getting ready” photos.

    As the ceremony began, a jazz band started playing in the background, adding to the festive atmosphere. The couple exchanged vows outdoors in the courtyard taking advantage of the perfect California weather, while guests sat on ornate French-style chairs, sipping champagne and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

    After the ceremony, guests were invited to a cocktail hour in the home’s courtyard. The courtyard was decorated with opulent chandeliers, vintage candelabras, and ostrich feather centerpieces, all reflecting the decadence and glamour of the era. Guests enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres created by Chef Dora and her team while the jazz band played on.

    As the sun began to set, guests were seated in the garden for the reception. Both the garden and the courtyard were decorated with beautiful ostrich feather centerpieces covered in metallic gold spandex and topped with luxurious snow-white plumes. The head table was adorned with stunning floral bouquets, and the cake was an art deco masterpiece.

    As the night wore on, guests danced to the lively music of the DJ. The bride and groom took the dance floor for their first dance, a sultry rendition of “The Way You Look Tonight.” As the clock struck midnight, guests gathered outside to watch a spectacular fireworks display, bringing a magical end to a beautiful wedding day.

    Overall, this was a wedding for the ages, full of glamour, elegance, and excitement. The Roaring 20s theme decor brought a sense of nostalgia and sophistication to the event, while the Louisiana French Colonial home provided a perfect backdrop for this unforgettable celebration of love.

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